Vintage Glycine divers from 1972

Welcome to the ultimate website for vintage Glycine watches. 

This website is an unofficial platform for vintage Glycine watches, it's a collector's self accomplishment and has no connection to the current owners of the brand. The name of the site comes from Glycine + Centennial, celebrating the 100th year anniversary of continuous watchmaking history of the brand. I was dragged into this brand and its products when I bought a '70s Glycine divers model and had difficulties in finding information related to it. 

My search for information became an obsession and made me realize that not all 100 year old companies have archives as I assumed. So at one point satisfying my thirst for Glycine I started browse the web and became member of some watch forums with the hope of finding more people like me. Meeting hobby-mates and sharing similar concerns triggered my research. Long story short, after a year of deep search from Swiss libraries, family trees, patent institutes and printed documents, I finally had a solid archive where and how to position Glycine watches. By that time I already had several dozens of vintage Glycine watches and categorized them all. 

I realized that it's the journey rather than the destination I have enjoyed and decided to share my joy with all enthusiasts by building this website in 2013.

Glycine Watches SA first ad from 23 Dec 1915

Obviously my efforts have not gone unnoticed and I have been offered to take care of the Glycine Heritage department by then Glycine CEO in 2014. Voluntarily committing to this assignment for 4 years it has helped me to become more beneficial to the community and distill all the data. Incorporating my archives with the hand written manufacture records the company has shared with me has solved the puzzle. I can say now that we have covered each corner of Glycine history than it was available 10 years ago, and I am not shy to claim the credit for it.

Meeting so many authentic hobby-mates in the forums has given me a perspective that people in this hobby are genuinly curious, and that's what drives us to explore. That's the core of the hobby independent from what you collect, it's the quest for answers - just like in life. I also had the chance to enlarge my network within other companies' heritage departments and archivists along with researchers which helps us digging in deeper with collective knowledge. Setting up a network which will be beneficial to Glycine watch owners has been only completed once I have found skilled watchmakers around the globe for each continent with whom we were able to make hundreds of vintage Airman restoration projects. I am forever  thankful to those craftsmen, especially James Sadileck from Nevada Watch Repair Center and Ronald Prins from Cohen, The Netherlands. Knowledge can not be obtained without efforts and network, I was lucky to connect with the right people at the beginning, therefore I am thankful to Andre Stikkers who is the  lead in especially Glycine Airman in this field. Also several hobby and forum mates I owe is Dennis Smith, Jerry 'Thudguy', along with the moderators of Watchuseek forum.

Eugene Meylan early automatic watches

Glycine Watches SA in Bienne had some unfortunate times causing the lack of information and archives, a flood destroyed their archives along with many ready to ship watches in 1941 and factory robbery in 1975. Some limited data is and was available from the company regarding their older timepieces. This website is aiming to shed light on the lost history of Glycine and also give credit for the numerous inventions it has contributed to horlogerie by sticking to facts with proofs, not to be a company just with unreasonable claims like Universal Watch Company. has the largest documented archives regarding Glycine and Eugene Meylan timepieces. Everything in this website is backed up with contemporary resources and proofs.

Vintage Glycine Airman AM / PM pilots watch

If we define watch collecting in vertical depth so as thematic, brand-oriented or from a special aspect, I consider myself as a collector who has some dozens of vintage Glycine watches and some other dozens of weird and early automatics, chronographs and dead beat seconds's a rabbit hole. 

I am fascinated by engineered mechanisms which offered a solution to a problem, even if it's overdone sometimes or it was a failed attempt and wasn't a commercial success. That's why I have spared a page for early automatics, a soft spot for me. The history page covers pretty much everything and all milestones of Glycine, patents page shows its contribution to the world of horlogerie. Serial numbers and movements chart page is pretty detailed. Serial numbers are for Airman models, calibers are from in-house movements to later used movements which were sourced from other ebauche makers. The models page is limited to my collection but has most of the mainstream design and functions covered. I had a private page for my own use within the site but than thought why not let everyone benefit, so I opened the page to public, I called the page 'Horological Source ' which has no certain focus but many interesting info and documents. And finally a sale page for reliable transactions within hobby-mates.

I hope you will enjoy browsing and reading through the pages of Glycintennial. 

English is my third language so pardon any imperfections. I value your feedback, please let me know your comments, ideas and suggestions via or send me a pm through WUS,  username: Emre.

May time tick in your favor,

Emre Kiris


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