Glycine Manufacture Movements

Glycine Manufacture Movements

Glycine Manufacture Movements


Glycine manufactured its own movements from 1914 until it has been acquired by ASUAG in 1942. The company was also sourcing movements for other brands so as A.LeCoultre ( Cal 18 ) and Bulova (cal 50 ). Below is a chart from 1942 showing the manufacture movements along with the automatic module of Eugene Meylan.
Even though the ASUAG movements started to dominate the whole manufacture some models from the '50s and '60s still have the in-house calibers. I believe they were stock movements or still being produced within ASUAG. Glycine serial numbers changed within years.

Serial Numbers

Glycine Manufacture Movements

Glycine Manufacture Movements

Vintage Glycine Airman

Airman had its own numbering system within Glycine watches. Glycine serial numbers have changed several times and is not consecutive through ownership changes. Vintage Glycine Airman manufacture years though can be determined by these serial numbers. Some decades have two different numbering systems running simultaneously. We are able to date most timepieces after 1952 accurately, however pre - '50s is a bit of educated guess with vintage watch collectors knowledge. Thankfully we have some marks and rules applying to help us dating earlier timepieces so as: poincon de maitre type, dial marks, hallmarks of precious metal, case-makers mark, government regulations for imported/exported timepieces and related dial & movement marks... 

How to date your vintage Glycine Airman:


Check first below 6 components in your watch, if they are in the right timeline, than see the chart for specs and manufacture year.




Rare vintage Glycine Airman Pilots watch Vietnam Indochina

Pencil or dauphine hands: 1953 & 54

Tail-end at minute hand: Mar 1955 to 1956

Tail-end at hour hand: 1957 till 2020





Screw-in case-back: 1953 - 1964

EPSA Compressor pop-off style case-back: 1964 -1972

SST Boeing 2707 Engraving: 1967- 1972




Vintage Glycine Airman SST crowns

Plain main crown: 1953 -1964

Cross hatched main crown: 1964 - 1972

SST cross hatched GMT ring crown: 1967

SST slotted GMT ring crown: 1968 and later ( Airman SST first run had cross hatched GMT ring crowns, but due to feedback from users that the crown damages shirt sleeves or turn accidentally, it has been switched to slotted crown where one should use his nails or coin edge to turn it ) 


Hacking Mechanism


Vintage Glycine Airman SST Chronograph movement Valjoux 724

F692: 1953-1964

AS 1700/01: 1964 - 1967

AS 1902/03: 1967 -1972

AS 2063: 1968-1972

Valjoux 72(x): 1969

Landeron 18(x): 1969-1971

Valjoux 773(x): 1969-1971

AS 2163: 1971-72 ( hacking movement, replaced with dial at service centers )

FHF and ETA quartz movements: 1978 and later

Hacking Mechanism

Hacking Mechanism

Hacking Mechanism

Vintage Glycine Airman hacking mechanism

No hacking: 1953 to March '55

Mechanical Hacking pin at 24 o'clock: 1955 Mar - 1972 

No hacking pin: 1971-72 w/ AS 2163 movement


Hacking Mechanism

Hacking Mechanism

Vintage Glycine Airman pilots watch

23 Jewels mark: pre 1958

Crown logo: 1967 and later

Date window magnifier: 1955 and later

Special mark in italic 1964 and later

SST: 1967 and later

AOPA & Rotary: 1956-1957

AM/PM: 1954

Antimagnetique: 1956

Antimagnetic: 1957-58

Triangle 12 and 24h o' clock markers: 1955-64

Straight line 12 and 24h o' clock markers: 1964-1972


Marshall's 1947 edition

Glycine manufacture movements

Marshall's 1966 edition

In 1966 some Glycine movements still are being manufactured within ASUAG while some other La Glycine ( LG ) marked movements have other base calibers like Felsa, Eta, FHF...